Sena, Prince & Trujillo Plazas

Santa Fe, New Mexico

SFT photo

Photo by Michael E. Pitel

Prince Plaza is just W of Sena Plaza. Territorial Governor L. Bradford Prince purchased the one-story adobe home in 1879. Sena Plaza was the former hacienda of Don Jose Sena, begun in the early 1800's. The adobe home with its extensive courtyard was restored in the 1920's. Trujillo Plaza was built in the 1860's. The photograph is of the Sena Plaza courtyard.

Sena and Prince Plazas are on the State Register of Cultural Properties. Sena Plaza was originally part of the Arias de Quiros lands. This property and the small patio to the west came into the hands of the Sena family through a bequest in 1844 to the mother of Don Jose D. Sena, a Major in the US Civil War, who later inherited it. Jose Sena expanded the property from a small house and placita to a home of 33 rooms. It is now home to many businesses, offices and restaurants. Trujillo Plaza housed an office for the Manhattan Project where the men and women reported before being whisked off to Los Alamos. Located in the Santa Fe Historic District.

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