Cimarron Historic District

Colfax County New Mexico

SFT photo

Photo by Henry Ostrander

Old Cimarron is a cluster of several Santa Fe Trail-era homes and buildings, led by the two-story adobe St. James Hotel, built in 1872-80. The historic district includes the Old Plaza and Well, the Lucien Maxwell Mansion site, National Hotel, Swinks Gambling Hall, Dahl Brothers Trading Post & Warehouse, Aztec Mill and the Meagers-Sanderson Stagecoach Line Office.

The Indian Agency distributed beef and flour rations to the Utes and Apaches from Lucian Maxwell's Mill built in 1864. Maxwell's home was the center of his land grant activities which included gold mining, timber cutting and a stage station.

Settled by the 1850's, Old Cimarron became the home and headquarters of land baron Lucien Maxwell. Cimarron prospered during the 1850s throught the 1870's thanks to the Santa Fe Trail. The trail entered the Old Plaza from the NE and followed NM 21 south to the hamlet of Rayado.